Why Click-2-Customer?

Industry Leaders

Click2Customer is run by e-commerce industry leaders who’ve been working in the e-commerce industry since 1998. Our goal is to provide world-class SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions that are affordable for small businesses yet robust enough for large-scale retailers.

Shared Information

Many of our features can be purchased through other providers, but we give you an integrated suite of features that all work together. Why purchase a product reviews app from one company, a site search tool from another, and a recommendations suite from a third? With Click-2-Customer, you get all of our features bundled together and our backend engines combine information so that all modules work together to provide the best experience for your shoppers.

Cost Effective

Because we offer a variety of plans, you can choose which features you want based on the price you can afford. And our analytics help you determine whether your investment in Click-2-Customer’s product suite is paying off in dollars and cents.