Key Features


Targeted Product Recommendations

Products are recommended by our SMART™ recommendation engine and are tailored to the specific needs and wants of each individual shopper. Recommendations can be shown throughout the site, but are commonly including on the following pages: storefront, category, product detail, view cart, and search results. The display of the recommendations can be tailored to match your site and advanced displays, such as JQuery carousels, can be included.


Site Discounts

Discounts can be offered dynamically based on a shopper’s parameters, such as frequency of visits, whether they have added products to their shopping cart, products they have viewed, and more. Discounts can be site-wide, for a particular product or category of products, free shipping discounts, or a free product with purchase.


Dynamic Coupons

Coupons can be offered to customers and applied to their orders to provide a discount based on a coupon code instead of automatically. Coupons can also be provided via email and automatically applied when customers click the link from the email to visit your store. Mailing list segmentation allows you to provide different coupons to different segments of your customers.


Abandoned Shopping Cart Rescues

Customers who decide to leave your site before completing a purchase can be shown an “Are you sure?” style popup to entice them to remain and place an order. You may choose to offer a discount or incentive for purchase completion. Customers who have provided you with their email address can also be contacted by email after a short period with a reminder to return and complete their purchase.


Site Personalization

Your site content can be personalized based on information about your shoppers. You may choose to provide different merchandising messages to first-time shoppers versus frequent buyers, or to customize offers to customers who have a lifetime sales total over a certain threshold.


Social Product Reviews

Product reviews provide customers with trustworthy third-party testimonials about your products. According to Neilsen, customer ratings and reviews are the two most preferred sources for product information. Click-2-Customer helps you capture reviews from previous buyers, and then use them to increase sales to more customers. Reviews can be shared on popular social networks, including Twitter and Facebook.


Customer Lifecycle Analytics

Our analytics engine tracks customer activity based on your shoppers behavior, including events such as viewing categories or products, adding products to a shopping cart, creating an account. Easy-to-read reports are provided in the Click-2-Customer administrative interface.


Faceted Site Search

Customers often rely on a robust search engine to help them find products they are looking for. Our site search tool offers support for plurals, synonyms, and other language features, as well as faceting by characteristics such as color, size, model, or any other data in your catalog.


A Persistent Shopping Cart

Many shopping carts drop the contents of a customer’s cart when their session expires. With Click-2-Customer, it’s simple to include a persistent cart that displays on the normal “view cart” page, and which provides customers with the ability to quickly add items from their previous shopping sessions back to their cart. Persistent shopping carts help prevent customer frustration and increase conversion rates.