What is C2C?

Click-2-Customer is an add-on suite of features for e-commerce sites that helps retain customers and drive sales. Many of these features, like coupons and product reviews, are common features of e-commerce sites. But with Click-2-Customer, each feature is integrated with specific knowledge about your customer’s shopping habits and preferences, so they all work together to increase your customers’ level of satisfaction.


Click-2-Customer includes the following features:

  • Customized Product Recommendations
  • Site Discounts
  • Coupons
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Rescues
  • Site Personalization
  • Product Reviews
  • Customer Analytics
  • E-commerce Site Search
  • A Persistent Shopping Cart

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How it Works

Click-2-Customer operates as a small plug-in to your existing shopping cart software. This plug-in communicates with our centralized servers, tracking customer behavior and serving content, discounts, and features based on rules you configure. You have access to your account on the server, where you can get started quickly by using our simple interface, which is a wizard-like way to configure any of the features mentioned above. More advanced users can delve directly into the C2C engine to set up rules, conditions, actions, and templates.

Problems and Solutions

Click-2-Customer solves a number of common problems for online retailers. Let’s look at a couple of scenarios where Click-2-Customer can help your business.

Problem #1: Average Order Value is Too Low

One way to increase your sales is to gain more customers; another is to increase the value of the customers you already have. If your average order value is too low, creating targeted product recommendations can increase the number of items that customers purchase. Cross-selling items is more than choosing related products; it involves a complex process and a number of factors. Click-2-Customer’s product recommendations are based on specific algorithms designed to entice customers with products they are most likely to purchase.

Problem #2: High Abandonment Rate

Visitors who begin shopping but fail to complete their orders create a scenario known as abandoned shopping carts. Many visitors to e-commerce sites are simply browsing and may never make a purchase, but if your abandonment rate is too high, it could indicate a problem, especially if you are in a price-competitive business. By implementing a shopping-cart rescue program, you can give customers a special offer before they completely leave your site. Additionally, if they have provide your site with their email address, you can remarket to those customers after a pre-determined timeframe. Our analytic data helps you determine what offers best convert abandoned shoppers.

Problem #3: No Persistent Cart = Frustrated Customers

Many shoppers don’t make a purchase on their initial visit. They may interrupt the process to do price comparisons, to search for coupons, because the phone rings, or for any number of reasons. If the contents of their shopping cart disappear after a certain period of inactivity, this creates high frustration levels. However, leaving the carts open for a longer period can cause data bloat, inventory problems, and more. To solve this problem, set up Click-2-Customer’s persistent cart on your website so that customers can see what was in their cart when they last visited your site. They can easily add these items back and complete checkout without having to figure out what they originally wanted to purchase.

These are just a few examples of how Click-2-Customer can increase your bottom line. To find out more, call us at 1-866-400-2444 or contact us through the website.